Monday, 6 July 1998, at 7:06 p.m.

Charlottesville, VA. Home of the University of Virginia, and a very well-equipped library.

It’s day three of the Up and Over tour Duc has actually stopped to tour some dead guy’s house — it was Monticello, and the anniversary of tom jefferson’s death was only two days ago.

From the coast at Yorktown inland has been flat — sandy soil tall pine trees reminiscent of North Florida, and a cool spell has kept the temps only in the mid 80’s. Day one to Richmond was spectacular, but Duc argued with shopkeepers about the use of traveler’s checks.

Day two - Richmond to Mineral/Lake Anna - A lakeside motel - heavy breeze today but a decent dockside cafe - Duc argued with the manager about the use of traveler’s checks.

Day three - to Charlottesville no traffic leaving the lake but hey — are those mountains in the distance? We drop into Charlottesville — barely off the Transamerica route. We walk up to a nearby Chinese Restaurant — and guess what — duc argues with the Manager about the use of traveler’s checks.

Tomorrow we get the Blue Ridge in the middle of an 80-mile day.

There’s a Performance Bike shop in town here — now we go to do a comparison to the level of service that spoils us at home.

Until we can sneak into another college library — probably Va Tech at Blacksburg this is Don Williams signing off from the road.

(This is the true and factual accounting of the trip to date)