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July 3, 1998

Hi Brenda & Bill,

Keep these cards for us — it’s my trip diary. I’ll try to write one each day.

We got out of Louisville at 7 PM yesterday. Stopped right up the road from you in Frankfort for supper. Had trouble getting service at Logan Steak House and Fazoli’s so [we] didn’t get out of there ’til 9:00. Wanted to stop about 1 AM but no hotels. Finally found a place to stay at 5 AM this morning. It was a long night’s drive.

Got into Yorktown about noon. Had a hard time driving the rental car to Norfok, finding the UPS center to ship the bike racks back home and turn the car in at the airport by 5 PM. But we made it. Had a great taxi ride back to Yorktown, the driver was a great tour guide. We already have a flat tire and haven’t even ridden an inch yet. We’ll leave early in the morning. Will have about 90 miles and will go through Williamsburg on the Fourth of July!

Love, Paula.