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July 1, 1991

Hi Grandmama,

We arrived at Shawn & Jo’s house late Sunday, about 10 Eastern time. It was a long drive. Duc and Bill drove most of the way. The last few hours coming through the mountains were beautiful but the rest of the drive was pretty humdrum as far as scenery was concerned. We left Louisville at 6:30 AM Saturday and intended to get a room near Kearney, Nebraska. However, there were no rooms to be had for over a hundred miles. We finally pulled into the back of a McDonald’s parking lot in Lexington, Neb. and slept in the van from 1 AM until about 6 AM. Not comfortable but it kept us going on Sunday.

Also jokes did [keep us going] — about bag balm, some cream Brenda bought (in Pinedale, Wyo.). We spent Monday with Shawn, Jo and the kids. They are doing well. Meghan, Shane and Zach all have distinctive personalities and it was fun getting to know them.

Love, Paula.