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From a humble start of four riders two years ago, the third edition of the Western Kentucky Bike Tour has grown to 10 riders for the circular tour of the Jackson Purchase area of western Kentucky. We even have to enlist the service of a second SAG vehicle
The tour still visits the tried-and-true overnight stops of Aurora (Marshall County), Columbus-Belmont State Park on the bank of the Mississippi River (Hickman County), and Paducah (McCracken County). New for this year is Kuttawa (Lyon County) instead of camping at Hillman Ferry Campground on the Land Between the Lakes.
The cast of characters of this third edition of the WKBT includes: Steve Agent, Dan Clark, Earl Crowe, Duc Do, Jeff Durall, Rick Holeman, Donnie Mayton, Rick Skelton, Tom Snell, and Dickie Swift. Again, we have a 50-50 split: half are on recumbents, the other prefer to go faster on their upright bikes.
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  Tom Snell and Earl Crowe carbo-load at the cabin in Aurora the first night out while Steve Agent (left) and Rick Holeman (right) abstain. Early on the second morning, the group shares the road with the early morning traffic on US 68 in a light fog for a short ride into Aurora for breakfast. Dickie Swift tries hard to hide his astonishment at the size of Dan Clark's pancake, while Dan is obviously pleased and proud of the size. Stephanie, the friendly waitress at Kay-Lee's Restaurant, gives high-maintenance Dan extra attention at breakfast. A trio of recumbents and a lone upright ridden by Dickie head out for the second day's ride from Aurora to Columbus-Belmont State Park in Hickman County.  

  Earl Crowe is ready to ride after finishing his SAG-driving duty and dropping off the SAG vehicle at Temple Hill Church near Almo in Calloway County. Dickie Swift, Steve Agent and Jeff Durall on Red Bud Road in Calloway County on the way to Almo on the second day of the WKBT. Tom Snell and Dan Clark cruise along on their recumbents on Red Bud Road in Calloway County on the second morning out of Aurora. Donnie Mayton, Rick Holeman and Earl Crowe on Red Bud Road. Typical of the rural roads we ride on the WKBT, Red Bud Road in northeastern Calloway County is a traffic-free cycling paradise this beautiful Thursday morning. The ride is slowly ratcheted up to a minor race to the next SAG stop. Dickie Swift and Steve Agent look intense on a small rise on KY 464 on the way to Kirksey, a small crossroads in northwest Calloway County.  

  Steve Agent and Dickie Swift relax at the SAG stop in front of Mt. Hebron Church hard by the Calloway-Graves county line in northwestern Calloway County. From left, Earl Crowe, Rick Skelton and Tom Snell enjoy a conversation at the SAG stop, while Dan Clark, mindful of his SAG-driver's responsibility, keeps an eye out for the late arrival of Donnie Mayton and Rick Holeman. Donnie Mayton and Rick Holeman arrive at the SAG stop at Mt. Hebron Church in Backusburg in Calloway County. The recumbent riders just take their sweet time to enjoy the beautiful road and scenery on this beautiful morning. A WKBT rider is caught, er, red-handed while watering the corn alongside the road. We have taken steps to protect the identity of the guilty party. Rick Holeman enjoys lunch in the busy Dutch Kitchen Restaurant in Wingo. His is the only lunch served up within an hour of ordering. The rest of us have to wait out the deplorable discriminatory practice of serving the local lunch crowd first by the kitchen staff. Some of us take umbrage to the unacceptable 75-minute wait for a simple lunch and leave without paying for the drink (food has not been served).  

  Duc Do stretches out on the picnic table at Columbus-Belmont State Park at the end of a 100-plus-mile day across Calloway, Graves, Fulton and Hickman counties to get to this beautiful spot on the bank of the Mississippi River in far western Hickman County. Tom Snell and Dan Clark relax with a cold one at the end of a long day at Columbus-Belmont State Park. After another satisfying and filling meal at Grogan's Bar-B-Q in Clinton, the WKBT crew milling around the parking lot to enjoy the evening. Grogan's is a must-stop destination on the WKBT, with its hickory-smoked barbecue at a very reasonable price. In the half-light of early morning, the group gets ready to leave Columbus-Belmont State Park for Arlington for breakfast, and ultimately to Paducah as the day's destination. The old clock tower in the little crossroads of Columbus is slowly taken over by the climbing vines and the toll of time.  

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