2003 TRIRI

Nine-year-old Zak Argabrite and eight-year-old Lucas Do bring their dads along to the 2003 edition of TRIRI, the Touring Ride in Rural Indiana, for some quality time on and off the tandem. The riding isn't too bad, either, in that flat area of northeast Indiana. Here are the photos of a memory-making trip between a couple of fathers and their sons.

  7 am, Time for a second breakfast! McDonald's in Columbia City. Biology lesson by the roadside: Zak and Lucas getting up close to a recently-dead king snake. Lucas, Zak and Joe taking a break from the morning's ride. Lucas and Zak trying to hitch a ride from the cyclists. Too bad for the dads, they didn't succeed. Duc and Lucas just finished with lunch at the Rock Restaurant in Huntington.  

  Joe and Zak checking in with Mom in the evening. Little Turtle State Recreation Area. Cutting up by the side of the road. Mt. Etna. Argabrite <i>père</i> and <i>fils</i> on the tandem, on the way to Warren. Lucas enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful morning. Ceylon Covered Bridge over the Wabash River. Nothing but winter wheat and soybean to the horizon. Near Linn Grove.  

  Lucas power-eats at Snug Café in Bluffton. Lucas and Zak pausing for a photo op on the River Greenway along the Wabash outside Bluffton. Duc and Lucas on the River Greenway along the Wabash River near Bluffton. Lucas and Zak discussing world matters over dinner at Ouabache State Park. The Argabrite tandem on the last morning, heading back to Ft. Wayne.  

  Lucas and Duc rolling through the crossroads that is Zanesville.<br>(Photo by Larry Varney) Lucas checking out the riders near Zanesville. Joe and Zak posing for an end-of-ride picture at Allen County Fairground. The whole crew at the end of the ride. Allen County Fairground.  

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