2003 Southern Kentucky Tour

With their wives gone to Europe, Joe Argabrite and Duc Do enjoy their independence by taking off on a five-day tour of southcentral Kentucky in early July 2003. Starting in Elizabethtown, we head in a clockwise direction to Columbia, Lafayette (Tenn.), Russellville, and Beaver Dam before winding up the tour back in Elizabethtown.
Armed with a couple of digital cameras, we snapped away and came up with this collection of photos to remember our trip by.

  Joe southbound on KY 1868 10 miles into the trip. Hardin County. Duc rescuing a painted water turtle from the nearly non-existent traffic. Hart County. Duc cresting the climb up from Lynn Camp Creek at Powder Mill. Hart County. Making friends with a couple of friendly ponies on Marshall Ridge Road. Green County. Joe visiting Ebenezer Presbysterian Church in Ebenezer. Green County.  

  Joe getting acquainted with the hills of Southern Kentucky. Adair County. Joe admiring a breathtaking field of Black-eyed Susans along Flat Rock Creek. Metcalfe County. Power-napping in Edmonton during a mid-morning break. Metcalfe County. Joe cruising and enjoying the rural beauty on Goodluck-Beaumont Road. Metcalfe County. Joe climbing a small hill on Holcomb Road along the Tennessee state line. Monroe County.  

  Joe pondering life while soaking his feet in the soothing Salt Lick Creek. Macon County, Tenn. Duc cooling his heels in the clear-running Salt Lick Creek. Macon County, Tenn. Another morning, another hill. Along SR 52 leaving Lafayette. Macon County, Tenn. A dressed-up roadkill along SR 52 near Eulia. Macon County, Tenn. Joe sharing the road with the early-morning commuters on SR 52. Macon County, Tenn.  

  Taking advantage of the shade along the road. Sumner County, Tenn. Making do with refreshments out of the machine in downtown Mitchellville. Sumner County, Tenn. Waiting for lunch at the Mailroom Café in Orlinda. Robertson County, Tenn. Joe testing his new digital camera and bike handling skill at the same time. Logan County. Duc exploring the currents of the Red River near Schochoh. Logan County.  

  Early morning ride on Homer Road. Logan County. We are having fun! Duc cutting up on the way to Homer. Logan County. Joe visited by some extremely friendly dogs on Lost City Road. Logan County. Taking a break over Wolf Lick Creek on Iron Mountain Road. Logan County. Joe waiting for the ferry to cross the Green River at Rochester. Butler County.  

  Crossing the river on the Rochester Ferry. Butler County. The hazy sunrise portends another hot day. Butler County. Duc standing at the point where Grayson, Ohio, and Butler counties meet in downtown Neafus. Taking five over Bacon Creek with the end of the tour only a half dozen miles away. Hardin County. Winding up the trip back in Elizabethtown. Hardin County.  

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All images Copyright ©2003 Joe Argabrite and Duc M. Do. All rights reserved.