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We live in Louisville, Ky., with our two teenaged sons: Nicholas and Lucas. Like most families, our lives revolve around the kids, whether they realize it or not.

For the day job, Duc is the systems administrator for the Foxboro I/A control system at Dow Corning's Carrollton (Ky.) Plant. He's also actively involved in the global Foxboro I/A user community as the list-admin for the foxboro mailing list and the webmaster of The Cassandra Project, a user community's Web site. Paula teaches third grade at St. Francis of Assisi School in the Highlands. Paula graduated with a Bachelor's in education from Bellarmine College (Louisville, Ky.), and earned a Master in education from the University of Louisville. Duc graduated from the Speed Scientific School, University of Louisville, with a B.S. and Master in Chemical Engineering.

But our real job is raising Nicholas and Lucas.

And whatever spare time we have, we ride our bikes.

Duc's other hobby, one that keeps him from going insane over the winter when cycling is out of the picture, is playing with the computers. Here's our PC installation (along with some personal rant), from which spring these Web pages.

The happy confluence of Duc's many interests (cycling, photography, nature, computer) is the new Kentucky Wildflowers Web site. It's a compilation of hundreds of wildflower pictures taken while cycling along the backroads of Kentucky and southern Indiana, and what better place to showcase them than a Web site dedicated to the sublime beauty of the Bluegrass State. (Thanks, Paula, for the time to wander and the continued encouragement. Without your support, there would be no cycling, no photos, no Web sites.)

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

My Favorite Bookmarks The Courier-Journal, the local print media outlet, features local residents’ favorite web sites in its weekly Tech Page columns. My turn to show the world which sites I visit on the Web was on Monday, August 16, 1999. (The original column can be accessed from the C-J web site.)

If Andy Warhol was right, my 15 minutes are up and I have nothing left to look forward to. Drat!

Another Fifteen Minutes of Fame

C-J articleThe Web site was featured in The Courier-Journal in its weekly Getting Out column by columnist Linda Stahl on May 20, 2004. The column covers a wide range of nature, recreational and outdoor pursuits.

The original column can be viewed at the Courier-Journal Web site with this link or you can click on this link for a PDF copy of column. Click on this link for an image of the column as it appears in print.


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