A compilation of utilities
for the Foxboro I/A® system

IA51_Tools.zip (549k)

I received this collection of system management tools from Pieter Boeykens. Thanks, Pieter!

The PC-format ZIP file contains three tar files and a "pkgadd"-format file to be installed using pkgadd -d.

Detailed Description

Wtmp.zip (13k)

Another utility I received from Pieter Boeykens. Thanks, Pieter!

The PC-format ZIP file contains a couple of compiled C programs to clean up the /var/adm/wtmp and /var/adm/wtmpx files. The source code is also included.

cpUtil.tar.Z (971k)

cpUtil.tar.Z is a compilation of utilities by Alex Johnson of the Foxboro Houston office. I received this set of utilities via Dave Johnson. Thanks to both Messrs. Johnson & Johnson.

A short description of the utilities.

Documentation in PDF-format (51k) PDF document

plc2asc.tar.Z (170k)

plc2asc.tar.Z is a C compiled program provided by Alex Johnson of the Foxboro Houston office. This utility allows one to create a text-format of the PLB ladder from its source file (<PLBblock>.p). The source code is also included.

bsave.sh (5k)

bsave.sh is a shell script around the ICCAPI save_all program (/opt/fox/ciocfg/api/save_all) that allows multiple SaveAll to a predetermined directory, or to one of the user's choosing. This script has recently been modified to also allow making SaveAll for volumes.

getcpload.sh (3k)

getcpload.sh is a shell script that uses omget to collect the various parameters from a CP's station block and reports them to stdout. This script can be run on a single CP, multiple CPs, or all CPs on a system (using the list from /etc/cplns).

Sample output from getcpload.sh.

getps.sh (5k)

getps.sh is an improved version of the shell script presented in Helpful Hint #948. The basic operation of the script remains the same: as an emulation of the 'top' program to show top processes in terms of different usage criteria. Enhancements include better command line options and parsing, reverse sort of ps output, allow changes to scan time and number of processes being displayed.

index_points.sh (2k)

Kevin FitzGerrell published this shell script to the Foxboro I/A mailing list. index_points.sh generates an index of all COMPOUND:BLOCK.PARAMETER connections to all graphic files in a directory. (Kevin also has a collection of scripts at http://www.geocities.com/fitzgerrell/dcs_stuff/)

A short description of this script file.

sunmodel.sh (5k)

sunmodel.sh is a shell script to determine the CPU and model charactistics of the Sun workstation. It parses the output from devinfo/prtconf and displays the CPU and its clock frequency.

This is based on a shell script presented in SysAdmin magazine.

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